Kid Mkandawire


Kid Mkandawire was born in Malawi in the southern part of Africa.
Meanwhile he grew up in neighbouring Zambia.

Kid has been a professional musician since 1984, where his carreer started as a member of one of Malawi's best known bands "Kalimba". Later he moved to Botswana where he worked as a musician and a dance/drum teacher at different institutions.

Kid has lived and worked in Denmark since 1995.


kid_med_harmonika_eKid and The First People: Traditional African dance music.

The first musicians Kid meet shortly after settling in Denmark was a small group of professional musicians that played reggae with an african touch. From there the band Kid and the First People was formed.

Kid's music universe revolves around the traditional healing rythym and dance called Vimbuza. It is mainly practiced by the Tumbuka people from the northern part of Malawi and also the eastern part of Zambia, where the two countries share not only common borders, but also the same cultural traditions and language.

Kid is also inspired by other music traditions and trends from other parts of Africa – especially south of Sahara.

Kid and the First People are signed to the Dutch label "Dakar Sounds". The band was nominated for the Danish World Music Awards in 2004 and World Track Awards in 2005 with the track "Wezulu Walira" from the cd "Tiwerenge".


CD releaces:

Munda Wane (Danish Radio) 2000

Tiwerenge (Dakar Sounds) 2005